OPPO A15 Review – A Great Bargain in a Smartphone Category


You get great value for money when you buy OPPO A15 for your digital camera. It boasts of an impressive combination of 15 MP, 1 MP and Mini Tripod cameras. The upgrading processor ensures a smooth recording response time, enabling you to multitask or perform any heavy task with ease. Best of all, this handy little camera is packed with advanced image processing functions that enable it to flawlessly capture your shots in the clearest possible manner. Moreover, it comes with an in-built memory card, which can be easily expanded using micro SD. Additionally, this compact cam also supports optional optical zoom, so you do not have to worry about zooming in or out when you take the shot.

This compact cam has an excellent video quality, although it is a little slow to operate. It does not have a very high pixel count, but this is not a problem as the A series have been developed keeping in mind the needs of a consumer who does not need high resolution. For a good job on video recording, you will need at least a 15 mp resolution, and this triple lens unit should do the job just fine. In fact, the lens has a long throw, which makes it ideal for capturing shots from even distant locations. It has a clear view to both the sides, so you don’t miss out on any action.

Despite being a mini cam, the OPPO A15 still manages to pack in some powerful features. It comes with a user-friendly interface, which makes it a pleasure to operate. However, if you are planning on editing the videos, you might want to check the bundled software to get some additional features and advanced tools. With the bundled Wi-Fi internet access, this A series camera also works well in a spot where you have wireless connectivity. If you travel often and stay in remote locations, the built-in memory card should suffice, as it will save much more than the memory card on your A flashed device.

The OPPO A15 has two modes – normal and night mode. You can really see the benefits of the camera by just looking at the OPPO A15’s screen. The large, easily readable display gives you a quick overview of the picture you are taking and a lot more. The infrared illuminator makes it easy to see what area you are aiming at, while the image stabilization system lets you take a steady picture even in motion. If you have taken a couple of shots in each mode, the difference in picture quality is really nice.

The OPPO A series also has a pretty good built quality, which makes it easy to carry even when the battery is running low. The weight is also reasonable, meaning you won’t have to worry too much about carrying it all day long. On the other hand, the OPPO A15 isn’t the lightest smartphone on the market – but neither is it the heaviest, either. In fact, it weights in at around 70 grams, which is perfect for someone who is going to use the smartphone as a primary smartphone, instead of something that would be used as a secondary device, like a netbook.

At the end of the day, the OPPO A15 is still a great bargain. It is a popular choice for a lot of people, thanks to its great features and a low price tag. The OPPO A15 is available from many places online, including Amazon for just under $100 – making it a great buy for anyone who wants to take advantage of all of the professional features available with a smartphone. Even if you don’t think you will fall in love with the OPPO A15 right away, the low price is worth it to those who are looking for a solid smartphone, at a price that is affordable. Take a look at some OPPO A15 reviews and decide for yourself if this is a phone you would like to buy.

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